Wonder Wednesday: The Good, The Fast and The Cheap

In my line of business, this graph is no stranger.  In fact, it’s one of my most constant companions every day.  We hang it up in our offices for a little internal laughter, but the simple truth is, we find ourselves toe-dipping in that very center bubble more often than we’d like.  In their dreams?  In our dreams…to never be in here.

The saying goes: You can have it good, fast or cheap – pick two.  Really, this applies to most everything – from fast food to public libraries.  Fast food (FAST and CHEAP), which I avoid in most cases since I appreciate my arteries, and as a frequent visitor to my public library (CHEAP and GOOD) where I’m number 52 on the holds list for a popular book series.

Ah yes, to choose wisely and live with my decisions.  This is a great reminder for me now and then, particularly when I’m dealing with library staff who can’t seem to track anything with their “new and improved” tracking system.  Boy, these books better be GOOD…

What decisions have you made recently within this trifecta?


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