Wonder Wednesday Kick Off

Wonder is such a great word, I think.
1.  to think or speculate curiously
2.  to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel

Yes, I actually find myself in perpetual wonder, don’t you?  Really, isn’t this a great foundation on which to live life – through curiosity, admiration and awe?  Well, I think wonder deserves its own regular blog post because, oh, there are so many things that are wonderful – some small, some big, some personal, some life-changing, some thoughts, some actions.

So with this said, I’m going to kick off the inaugural Wonder Wednesday and I do hope you will join me in posting your weekly wonders, too!

This week, I’m writing about the Chinese Soup Spoon.  Sure, I’ve used them and embraced them while dining at Asian restaurants, but it wasn’t until a recent miso soup craving led me to a nearby sushi restaurant that I realized just what a perfect utensil this is for two year olds.  My daughter loved using it.  She scooped and sipped half my bowl without spilling a single drop thanks to the sturdy handle and high sides – genius!  She mastered a new utensil and I didn’t have to pull out the extra outfit from my bag – wonderful, indeed!  Now, thanks to a nearby Asian market, we have our own set of Chinese Soup Spoons and have already put them to good use.

What is your wonder this week?


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