In Conversation

When I was pregnant, I had a dream that my daughter came into this world as a five-year-old.  I had missed the infant and toddler years and went right to being a mom of a talker, an inquisitor; someone who already knew her ABC’s.  I woke up flustered and feeling very daunted by the thought of motherhood all of the sudden.  When my brain fully engaged with reality, I was relieved by nature’s true “baby steps” into parenthood.  While I was prepared for nighttime wake up calls, I was certainly not prepared to begin math lessons or explain why mommy and daddy look different.

Fast forward two years to the time of an explosive vocabulary and I’m in love with this stage!  We’re right in the “what’s that?” phase, approaching “why?” in the coming weeks/months, but not quite where I have to explain why someone is in a wheelchair.  Baby steps.

To celebrate this chatty phase, I want to share a couple spoken gems that I’ve heard recently:

  • Mommy (after seeing a yawn): Oh honey, are you pooped?
    D: “Nope all clean.”
  • Mommy: D, do you need your pants changed? or Are you ready for your bath?
    D: “Not yet, in a minute”
  • Mommy: Do you know who’s birthday it is today?
    D: It’s my birthday!
    Mommy: No, it’s Auntie Tina’s!
    D: Auntie Tina’s birthday?
    M: Yes, it’s Auntie Tina’s birthday.
    D: No, it’s MY birthday! (sigh…)
  • D (pointing to a bruise on my leg): Is this owie?
    M: Yes, it is an owie.
    D: Kiss it?
    M: Oh yes, that would feel much better.
    D (after kissing it): There, much better?
    M: Yes, much better.
  • Mommy: Honey, we need to get dressed so we can go to school and play with your friends!
    D: Go to Starbucks?!? (oh no…)
  • Mommy (on a different day): D, what do you want for breakfast?
    D: Bagel at Starbucks? (now we’re in trouble…)


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2 responses to “In Conversation

  1. Cheryl

    How cute! Get ready for a lot more of these precious remarks! Start putting money in the Starbucks piggy bank!

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