Friends, Books and Fun Welcome

This is the time of year here where indoor play requires a little more creativity.  After the hundredth “No honey, it’s too hot to play outside” escaped from my lips (ok, maybe that’s a very slight exaggeration), I realized we needed a plan – a plan that had some staying power.

So, we moved some furniture around, brought in some chairs, sheets and blankets and set up our very own Fort.  Then we welcomed friends, craft supplies and a few farm animals to finally make it home.

It’s really amazing how half a queen sized sheet can transport one into another world, isn’t it?  Especially when normal, everyday life is just outside the edge of the blanket and the clipped back sheet flap.  Just for a moment, we can forget about the blazing heat outside and enter the domain of our choosing.  For me, it’s camping in a tent in the great cool outdoors.  Ahh…

Where’s your escape – either real or imaginative?


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One response to “Friends, Books and Fun Welcome

  1. Cheryl

    It looks like so much fun!

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