When we were renovating our backyard, we had dreams of it being the perfect little spot for impromptu “camping” and that’s exactly what we did this weekend.  Mother nature provided the clear skies, stars, half moon, cool breeze and even a few crickets to lull us to sleep.  We provided the tent, blankets and s’mores to top off the senses, as well as a few appropriate books, like Going on a Bear Hunt.

The other fold to this two-fold “camping” trip was to test D’s ability to sleep in a tent prior to a full, away-from-home, into-nature trip.  I’m proud to say she passed with flying colors!  This combined with wanting to walk on our hikes, go for a bike ride, pick pinecones, play with ladybugs and explore old mines, I think we’re ready to venture beyond our well-manicured camping site.  Oh, the plans are already brewing.  

It was a lovely weekend.  How about yours?


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3 responses to “Weekending

  1. Cheryl

    It looks like you had a Great weekend. Way to go D! You will fit in with your mom and dad’s love for camping and hiking. Don’t pet the snakes.

    • Haha, we visited the park’s nature center after our hike and they had some displays of the local wildlife – snakes, a gila monster, scorpions, toads and a tarantula. Needless to say, we were glad they were behind glass and not on the trail this time. 🙂

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