A garden update…

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared what’s going on in our little garden plot.  And, well, since the garden’s inception, there has been some fruitful news and fruitless news, which I’ll chalk up to being a complete novice in this endeavor.

First the good news, shall we?  Our husky cherry red tomato plants are such champions.  Not only are they growing, they are flowering, producing fruit and ripening.  With the exception of one fatality, we have picked six tomatoes already and have many more on the way!

Our sweet onions are also standing strong and proud despite our dog who finds them to be much tastier than the boring old grass (yes, I know onions are not good for dogs; we are keeping a watchful eye on him).  We have already used a few of the onions for salads and they are fresh, sweet and d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.

My lack of gardening knowledge became apparent in my attempt to grow basil, oregano and cilantro from seed.  With some water and sunlight, they did grow, but I believe my delay in transplating them to the garden was the ultimate cause of their demise – ahem…  We shall try again in the coming weeks.  Afterall, it is herb season and my summer recipes are a-callin’.

My expectations were low for this first growth, but I’ve already learned a few things – the most important being how much I love to go in my backyard, pick a vegetable or two that I’ve grown and nurtured from infancy and enjoy its ultimate freshness.  In all honestly, I needed a couple successes, no matter how minor, to help me stay motivated in this journey and I’m so glad to have my tomatoes and onions as my daily inspiration.  Baby steps.

Some other things outside the garden plot are also in bloom, much to our delight – star jasmine and rosemary!  The smells alone are some of my favorite and I’m so glad to have them right in my backyard.



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4 responses to “A garden update…

  1. Cheryl

    WOW!! I am impressed. Grandpa use to say “Gardening is trial and error” For your first attempt you did very well.

  2. Your garden seems to be doing very well. You might try planting the basil and cilantro where they get a little shade in the heat of the day. Oregano is so hardy that I think your next planting will be a success. Continued luck with your gardening.

    • Hi Karen – good advice on the shade. Our garden gets a lot of sun in the summer so I may have to put them in pots and move them around until the cooler weather starts up again. I’ll give it a try in the garden first and see how it does. I’m glad to hear Oregano is hardy – I’ll plant that for sure. Thanks for the visit and words of wisdom!

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