On a windy day

A windy day calls for some good kite flying, I declare!  After finding a Red Baron kite that could not be passed up by a certain member of my household, we took off for a nearby field to test our flying skills.  This kite is a performer…with some good winds, it can launch itself or take little effort from the “wingman”.  Everyone took a shot at flying it, even D.  Although I’m quite certain she had more fun shouting “uh oh” and running after the kite every time it landed on the ground.

Go fly a kite?  I think I shall…


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4 responses to “On a windy day

  1. Carole Brannam

    Hey T., T., and D. – it is time I again let you know how much I enjoy your postings and pictures. I don’t often leave individual comments on your Life Simplistic but they are wonderful. Keep them coming. Love Aunt Carole

  2. Hi Aunt Carole! Thanks so much for your comment and following the blog. I always enjoy hearing from you. How are the home renovations going, by the way?

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  4. Cheryl

    What fun! It is still the simple things in life like flying a kite that is so much fun. You can’t put a price on the cute little sounds that come from D when she chases the kite.

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