House Projects

Original Table Set

At our house, we have a running list of projects.  Just when we finish one, we start thinking of the next.  And by “we”, I mostly mean “T” who is a true homeowner and handyman.  Now that our backyard is officially an oasis for us homebodies, I prefer to sit down in one of the comfy chairs, put my feet up and enjoy outdoor living as we have imagined for so many months.  However, as we sit down and look out at our hard labor and beautiful views, I can actually hear the wheels in his head begin turning.  Ah, a running list, quite certainly!

The latest project, which provided both a sense of accomplishment and pride, was the rework of our existing patio table.  After years of sun and heat exposure, our little wood patio set began to fall apart.  We had two chairs break and significant wearing on the table top that no amount of oil could help hide anymore.  So, those spinning wheels crafted a plan that was both useful and thrifty… we kept our existing table, added some supporting wood to the top, created a stone mosaic finish and stained the legs to match.  We used a mixture of existing and new chairs and, voila, we have a new patio set without the new pricetag.

Just in time for outdoor dining!


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4 responses to “House Projects

  1. Cheryl

    The table turned out beautiful! Great job!

  2. Carole Brannam

    Wow, that is beautiful. And how “green” of you to reuse materials. You are so lucky to have a handyman man around the house. I’m trying to do some basic household stuff myself (Steven is NOT handy nor interested in becoming handy). I actually put a new faucet in our guest powder room and painted it. Such little things make one feel so good.

    • Good for you Aunt Carole – sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands, quite literally! I agree that it makes you feel so good when it’s done and done to your satisfaction. What an accomplished woman you are!

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