She has us in stitches

Oh my, this child of ours…  Her favorite thing right now is to keep us laughing – and boy she is good at it.  Sometimes she can really play it up for the “crowd”, if you will, but most of the time, I find hilarity in the little everyday things she does.  My laughter often causes a look of why is that so funny?  and quite honestly, it will be something she won’t understand for a while – not until she can appreciate the amazement of her own children.  And that’s just it… she’s amazing.  Sure, I’m her mother so I’m supposed to say things like that, but watching her grow before my very eyes, I’m always asking how does she know that?  when did she learn that?  what new word will she say today?  what books will she pick out for story time tonight?  what new quirk did she learn from me? (trust me, I have many).

Well, some of those things I can answer as she is a creature of routine (and I can be, too!).  However, there are always the little surprises – like playing tickle bug by herself (note for the following images, it was crazy hair day at school)…

freeing the bottoms of her feet from dog hair and crumbs (yes, we like clean feet around here)…

singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with hand gestures (this is the diamond in the sky)…

cooking dinner, make-believe style with Cheerios (note, the oven was not on and she had very close parental supervision)…

dancing and hopping with her signature arm swing…

Yes, she certainly has us laughing on a daily basis, and, really, there’s nothing better in life.


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3 responses to “She has us in stitches

  1. Omg, that photo of her tickling herself is ADORABLE! What a sweetie you have!

  2. Cheryl

    What a cutie! Enjoying the simple things with our children is sometimes the most enjoyable.

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