A little garden

The spring-type weather as already arrived here, so we spent the day planting our little garden.  This poor barren plot of dirt has been waiting for the night frost to move on so it could welcome and nurture new seeds and transplants; but alas!

I’m a real novice when it comes to planting anything outside a small pot.  So after doing some reading and talking with strangers at the nursery, I chose our little transplant starter crops to test my yet-to-be-seen green thumb.  In our garden right now, we have:

~ (2) cherry tomato plants; from what I hear this breed is the best for my climate as they bloom and flower quicker than the other larger tomatoes (we have a deadline, after all – it’s called summer!)

~ (1) yellow pepper and (1) orange pepper plant; if these work well, I’ll be planting many more of these in the future, along with red peppers – yum!

~ (30+) sweet onions

~ (2) lavender plants; for beauty, fragrance and cooking!

We do love our herbs around here so I’m starting, from seed, (4) basil plants, (2) oregano and (2) cilantro.  If they do well, they will eventually find a nice home in the garden next to the lavender.


I have to admit, I have a little anxiety about this garden, even if it is small.  From germination to harvest and beyond, there are a lot of variables that have to work together for good production.  However, there’s something about getting my hands dirty and having vegetables and herbs at the ready that make me relax…well, just a little bit.

I can’t wait to see what this little plot will do for us this spring!  If you have any advice for gardening in the desert or just in general, please share.  These thumbs could definitely use some words of wisdom.



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4 responses to “A little garden

  1. I know nothing about gardening in the desert (except that you’d better keep those pots watered!), but I applaud your making a go of it. And yes, I think getting your hands in the dirt is one of the most relaxing pastimes available. 🙂

  2. Cheryl

    Gardening is trial and error. Is it the right spot, enough water, to much water, etc. It is always fun to see things grow and to know that you helped in some way. Enjoy your garden! Yummmmm!

  3. well I certainly don’t have any advice to share- I love my veggies a little too hard, I think. Hopefully this year they will grow better!
    Super jealous of your spring like weather! We just got with the rainstorms here.

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