Artwork Display

Happy new year friends and family!  

I always enjoy this time of year because of its post-holiday slow pace and detour from the regular routine.  After a few days off, I feel re-energized; as if my brain has a reset button.  We spent some wonderful days with family (more to come), went to parks, did some good eating and, hence, walked it off by taking strolls around the neighborhood.  I caught up on a couple new movie DVD releases (I highly recommend “The Help” if you haven’t seen it), took a nap or two (a nice luxury) and enjoyed opening up the house to welcome the nice spring-type weather.

We also completed a couple small home projects, including hanging up the little one’s artwork.  Over the past couple months, we have been collecting artwork of sponge paints, finger paints, glitter paints, turkeys, wreaths and birds from D’s school.  As the proud parents we are, we hung them on the refrigerator, layering them until the fridge began to look like one big present wrapped in hand prints.  At that point, I decided we needed a new display.  With simple grosgrain ribbon and laundry clips, we found a new home in our office for the ever-growing and ever-changing displays of artistic expression.  Yes, proud parents we are indeed.


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One response to “Artwork Display

  1. Cheryl

    Great idea with the ribbon. Wow! She has been busy.

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