Right Now (Holiday Rendition)

Candy Cane Lane

:: I am sampling the yummy goodness of last weekend’s holiday baking with homemade Gingerbread and Cranberry-Orange Bread.

:: I am enjoying the multicultural holiday crafts my daughter is making at school; including a Christmas wreath made of paint and glitter, a menorah made of paper, glitter and Q-tips and a lovely snowlady with a carrot nose, top hat and flower accents.

:: I am looking forward to a post-holiday project of displaying all her fine artwork in this similar fashion but far less modern.

:: We are taking in all the holiday lights around our neighborhood, including “Candy Cane Lane”, while enjoying homemade “Snowman Soup” (note, we substitute the bittersweet chocolate for semi-sweet).

:: I am reading “T’was the Night Before Christmas” to my daughter almost every night.

:: I am laughing at the sounds of “ho ho ho” coming from my 19-month-old.  She doesn’t understand him yet, but she will certainly know when he arrives!

:: I am trying to embrace the quickly passing holiday season in the little free moments.

:: We are looking forward to spending some time with family in the coming days.

What are you enjoying the most this holiday season?

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One response to “Right Now (Holiday Rendition)

  1. Cheryl

    Her art work is so cute! Family and children give such JOY at this time of the year. Enjoy these special times with your family.

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