Laundry Day

There’s a sense of comfort and security that comes with knowing what to expect next.  These are the words I always read regarding the importance of routines for children.  In adulthood, I, too, find some comfort in my routines.  For example, every week there is the expected laundry day.  Bringing blankets and coats home from school to clean, pulling sheets off the bed and sorting lights and darks.  Indeed, I find comfort in laundry day because it means my daughter will have clean clothes for school, there will be warm yummy lavender scented sheets on our bed and my husband will have matching socks.  It also makes great fun for busy little hands that are always looking to help.

Yes, she loves the routine of putting clothes in the wash – one by one; moving clothes to the dryer – one by one; pulling clothes out of the dryer – one by one, and pushing the laundry basket to the master bedroom where the magic folding happens.  This, then, is where the fun ends for one and it’s off to play elsewhere until the next load is ready to go in.

Oh how I love these little helping hands.

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  1. Cheryl

    What a sweetie,
    Good article and great pictures.

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