Favorite Things: Vacuums and Balloons

Last month it was Pesto and Bubbles, this month it’s vacuuming and balloons.

Vacuuming – given how she picks-up on almost everything, it’s no surprise that she has figured out how to use a vacuum cleaner (well, sort of).  Since she takes after her mother, who appreciates a dirt-free floor, I think I *may* be able to relinquish this chore in the future.  Now, if we can just get her to clean the bathroom…


Balloons – she loves balloons; hot air balloons and cheap latex balloons from the grocery store.  The minute we walk into any store that has balloons, which is just about any grocery or big-box store, she points and says “booooon” (which is similar to her other favorite thing – the “mooooon”).  Yesterday on our walk, I thought she was going to jump out of her stroller with excitement.  We counted nine hot air balloons launching nearby.  Next month, we will be attending a hot air balloon festival and I can’t wait to see her awe.

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