Top 5 Reasons I Love Living in a Small House

When we first bought our quaint house as newlyweds (see here for my first thoughts on our house), we imagined living in it for 5-7 years tops, knowing we would eventually outgrow it.  Well, now that we are approaching our original timeframe and have even added a third body to fill the little space with extra warmth, it looks like we will be staying a bit longer. Sure, that little catchphrase “poor economy” certainly plays a role, but the many hours, resources and muscles that have been used to make this space our home has had an even greater impact and, honestly, we have grown quite fond of it.  Yes, it can cause occasional claustrophobia, but I’m extremely grateful for the outdoor space which has become our special add-on.  So, in honor of our homeownership, I have created a “top list” of small home blessings.

Top 5 Reason Why I Love Living in a Small House

1. Cleaning is swift.  And I’m a cleaner, too.  I love a tidy and dust-free house and I have the miles on my vacuum to prove it, but I also hate spending a lot of time cleaning.  I love that I can have my entire house clean before most people are up and finished with breakfast.  Granted, I’m a clean-as-I-go person, so the pre-clean pick-up is minimal.  When the cleaning is wrapped, I can spend the rest of my free time how I want… outside.

2.  Furniture is minimal.  With a small space that is used for both dining and living, our need for furniture is minimal and, thus, less costly.  When we only need one of the basic items – couch, chair, dining table, etc – we can put our resources into buying nice, quality pieces that will last a long time versus having to go cheaper with more.

3.  We live in our space.  There are no rooms we don’t spend time in on a daily basis.  Each room has its own character with different paint colors, decorations and feel.  As we move from room to room, we are transformed into a different space…within our little space.  It gives our nest definition without the waste.

4.   Desert = Air Conditioning.  Little space needs less air-conditioning and in the height of summer, we are grateful for this fact each month when the bill arrives.  On the flip side, during fall, winter and spring, we can open our windows and doors and enjoy a cross-breeze from the front of the house to the back. Delicious.

5.  Move outside.  Our family loves to be outside – in fact, we prefer it.  Living in a small space invites and even encourages this natural desire to move from roof to sky.  And when our bodies have had enough of the elements, we can move back in and feel grateful for our home’s comfort and warmth.

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