Artwork for Papa

Child(ren) who want or need something to do
Construction paper
Food coloring
Brush – we used a marinating brush
(2) Plastic garbage bags – one as a smock and one as a floor/table protector

1.  Pre-set everything on the floor (if you have tile) or at a table on a water-resistant material.
2.  Give your child the brush and watch the artist unfold.
3.  Take plenty of photos.
4.  Avoid helping unless they ask for it.
5.  Avoid cleaning up as they go (this is a note for me and all my fellow clean fanatics; remember, messy play has its benefits).
6.  Let dry for two days (Note: this takes longer to dry than regular paint due to the amount of water).
7.  Attach a little artwork display card to go along with the piece.  See template here to get started.
8.  Hang up as an art display or send to a loved one.

Happy Birthday Papa!


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