Advice to write home about…

Everyone has advice.  Look at where we’ve come as a society afterall.  What used to be grandma sharing her trusty ingredient substitutions on a 3×5 flowered notecard, we are now enveloped in a world of advice, opinions and camaraderie linked to other advice, opinions and camaraderie.  Most of the time it can be daunting, but in my thirty-something years of life, I’ve held on close to a piece of advice my mother gave me when I was a teenager on an emotional road trip to self discovery… do what’s right for you.  I’m sure when I was a teenager, I took that to mean “do what’s right for me and my five closest friends,” but now I know what she really meant.  Throughout my life, I have been given great advice and have also spun my own through experience with the subjects that make up who I am…

As a woman
~ Know your strengths, know your rights, open your mind, go forth and prosper.
~ Superwoman is a fictional character; know your limits.
~ Don’t let the need for equality blur the exciting and intrinsic differences between men and women.
~ Cinderella is stupid; don’t let your daughter(s) be like her.

As a mother
~ Trust your instincts.
~ Do not compare your child(ren) to others; encourage and embrace who they are.
~ Lead by example; they are always watching and/or listening. (see previous post about wall cleaning and coaster usage)
~ Childproofing is never-ending; it just moves higher and higher

As a wife
~ Marry the person you can travel cross country with by car and still enjoy each other’s company upon arrival.
~ Communicate your top three important stances; be flexible everywhere else.
~ Write unexpected notes and hide them where he will find them later; it’s the little things.
~ Require and respect personal time.

As a writer
~ Write every day, even when you lack the energy and zeal to write anything prolific.
~ Use every day events as your muse.
~ Keep humor at the center.
~ Let the words sit for a bit.
(Note: see this article for more tips on blogging and writing)

As a cook

~ Always taste the food as you go; adding ingredients as needed.
~ A good cook always uses a scraper.
~ Menu plan! (it’s really much easier than you think)
~ To save money, create meals using similar ingredients.

As a runner
~ Don’t spend more than $80 on a pair of running shoes.
~ If you’re near an ocean after a long run, jump in!  The cool water combined with the salt will help relieve achy muscles.  Otherwise a cool bath with Epsom salt will do the trick.
~ Invest in a good running bra and running socks (ditch the 100% cotton socks).
~ Always take advantage of the water stations.
(Note: for more beginner running tips, check out this article)

As an outdoor enthusiast
~ If possible, avoid camping in campgrounds.  People = Food = Bears (among other things).
~ Every day, take some time to stare up at the sky.
~ Visit and support local State and National Parks; they are amusement parks for the outdoor soul.
~ Take your meals outside as often as possible.

As an Arizonan
~ Carry water with you wherever you go.
~ Summer doesn’t end until after Halloween; get used to it.
~ Unless you know what you’re doing, don’t bother planting a garden until September.
~ Don’t leave your pumpkins outside unless you want to feed a javelina family of six.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

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