:: Right Now ::

Right now, I am

:: Marveling at how my toddler has mastered the use of coasters – even for items that are not carrying liquid.
:: Laughing at this photo of my little helper cleaning up after using the wall as her canvas last week (Note: washable crayons were promptly purchased after this incident).
:: Enjoying a little picnic on the floor while watching an episode of Blues Clues (and by “episode” I mean 5 minutes of an episode; enough time to finish some cheese sticks and turkey).
:: Making frequent trips to the library to check out and put on hold new books, cd’s and videos.
:: Listening and dancing to Elizabeth Mitchell.  Yes, I can be heard humming and singing her songs throughout the day now. They are quite catchy.
:: Learning more about Twitter.  Twitter users can now follow me @rammalynn or by hitting the “follow” button in the right column.
:: Excited to now open the doors and windows in the morning to let in the fresh air – ahhhhh, welcome fall.
:: Viewing my festive fall home decor and watching D sweep the floor with the corn husks (this kid!).
:: Indulging in a favorite Halloween treat – candy corn!
:: Looking forward to a dinner out with my husband after a long week of being a work widow.
:: Looking forward to my mom’s arrival on Friday!

What are you doing right now?

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