Things I Love Thursday: Elizabeth Mitchell

My daughter loves music!  At such a young age, my husband and I revel in her natural sense of rhythm and the fact that she will start to dance, clap and sing along with just about any song she hears.

Of course, finding music that both children and parents enjoy can be a challenge, then I was introduced to the music of Elizabeth Mitchell and her talented family.  I love how her music is both inspirational and family-focused, and her sound is comforting.  It’s music I listen to even when D is out of the room, as it brings a smile to my face and a tap in my toe.  We just checked out “Sunny Day” (Mitchell’s latest album) at our local library and we are enjoying it as much as the others.  The video is of D dancing to Shoo Lie Loo from the album.  Now, if we can just get Mitchell to come to Phoenix for a concert…

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