A Dog’s Life.

I always felt a bit of guilt leaving our dog alone at home for 10 hours a day.  After 5 years, he knows the routine – if I have business clothes on, he’s going to get a treat, a nice pat on the head and a “we’ll be back” farewell.  However, if the casual clothes are on, he will stick to my heels hoping that I’ll eventually lead him to the closet door where his leash awaits.  And when the running shoes come on, the guessing game is over and the leaps and yelps of excitement ensue, telling all the neighbors we are coming; I love this little moment with my dog.

With a temporary change in my schedule, I have been home with him throughout the day.  Our day starts with a morning walk around the neighborhood, carefully plotting out a different course each day so there are plenty of unmarked shrubs for him to claim.  When we return home, there are a few minutes spent bossing around the local wildlife in the backyard and then it’s time for a nice long nap – until he remembers there’s another bossy redhead in the house.

Yes, in this short time at home, I have concluded that, with the exception of the walks, he is perfectly fine having the house to himself all day.  And I really can’t say I blame him.  His daily uninterrupted shut-eye time has been reduced to about one hour.  Poor guy.  When I return to my normal schedule, I will certainly feel less guilty leaving him home in peace.  Ah, the life of a dog.

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