It’s (Y)ard Work…

…but somebody has to do it.  D’s favorite thing right now is picking up just about anything and putting it into anything that will hold it.  That means we are in constant search for various “lost” items, many of which end up in the trash can.  But, I will save those stories for another time.

Last weekend when T went out to pick up pods in the front yard, I immediately put on her hat and play pants, lathered her in sunblock and sent her out for some extra hands.  Sure, she mostly examined and played with the pods, but some did eventually make it into the bag.  She had a great time for about 20 minutes (eternity for a 16 month old) and Daddy was glad to have the help.  What’s next?  Hmm, maybe some gardening and weeding…

Watching how it's done

Jumping in

Still going

What a great little helper

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