Move over sprinklers…

We have entered a new day… a new day that includes splash parks in every town, in every outdoor shopping center and in every outdoor park.  Living in a climate where summer exists for 5 months out of the year, it’s no wonder our cities and developers are continuously concepting fun ways to stay cool.  And the best part is most splash pads/parks are free!  Well, you might be out a few bucks since many are strategically placed near coffee shops and/or ice cream parlors, but it’s still a great way to get out and play when the good ole’ backyard sprinkler just doesn’t have the same pizzazz it did back in June.

Some of our favorite FREE pads in the North Phoenix area are:
:: Scottsdale Quarter
:: Desert Ridge Marketplace
:: Fountain Hills Splash Park (this is the location of the above video)
:: Kierland Commons – Info Here & Photos Here

What are some of your favorite splash parks in the Valley?

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