Four years

Wedding day laughter

Four years ago on this day, we were surrounded by our loved ones who drove and flew for many miles to celebrate a special day – our wedding day.  What a perfect day it was and what a great life we have made together.  Here are some of my favorite memories to date:

:: Your surprise flower deliveries – all of them (I’m spoiled)!  (By the way, according to Wikipedia, the traditional 4-year gift is flowers and the modern gift is an appliance – I think I’ll stick with the flowers, thank you). 

:: Our camping trip in Mesa Verde where we got caught in a downpour a mile from our campsite and ran all the way back, laughing the whole way.

:: All our camping trips near and far – and realizing how much I love national parks!

:: Getting our first child (Tahoe) and driving around northern Arizona looking for a cool, decent lake to see if he was a water dog – he is!

:: Driving from Phoenix to Medford, OR in one day because we forgot it was 4th of July weekend and didn’t make prior hotel reservations – oops!

:: Being able to spend 16+ hours together in a car and still like each other.

:: Buying our first house and crafting plans to make it our home.

:: Watching our plans come together.

:: Having our little girl and being awesome parents – weaknesses and all.

Happy Anniversary Love!  I can’t wait to see what the following years bring!



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2 responses to “Four years

  1. Rebecca Williams

    Awww! Congratulations to you both! The four years have just flown by! Love, Rebecca

  2. Thanks Rebecca! They certainly have flown by. Hopefully we’ll be able to see more of you all in the next four years! 🙂

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