This is the current word that is possessing my every thought and action right now.  While understanding and embracing it is admirable, it’s also down right exhausting.  Every day, facing a battle I knew I wasn’t going to win no matter how hard I tried or what defense I had.  Having the towel wrung in my hand ready to throw in, but knowing I had to keep a tight reign on it.  Phew, it is tough just thinking about it, but this has been at my center for the past two months.

What has kept me going?  A wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter and supportive parents.  I kept that towel in my hand because of them and my responsibilities to them as a wife, mother and daughter.  I recently saw a funny “math problem” that explains this perfectly:

New Math by Craig Danrauer
Maturity =  Things you used to do – Things you used to do

Oh how I dreamt of just standing up and walking out on conversations I felt were ridiculous and didn’t deserve one more second of my precious time; all the while waving the bird and leaving a hearty guffaw in my wake.  Yes, it was indeed just a dream from that little percent of child-like behavior that is still in me (I am human, afterall).  But now in adulthood, I understand and know the great things that can happen with a little perseverance (or a lot!). And when it pays off, I have a hairstylist to color in my gray hairs and a massage therapist to rub away the knots.  Ahh, maturity does come with some fine points!

What is your word right now?


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