:: Weekending ::

Over the weekend there is no shortage of play time around our house.  Even when the heat advisories extend day after day and our time outdoors is shorter than we prefer, there is still plenty to do with our days.  This weekend, we:

:: Walked anywhere and everywhere our little legs would take us.  With Delaney’s new found mode of transportation (walking!), there is no undiscovered territory left in our house or the backyard.

:: Cooled off with some splashing around in the inflatable giraffe pool – great for adults and toddlers alike!

:: Watched the afternoon monsoon storms roll in.

:: Moved indoors to make homemade whole wheat pita chips and red pepper hummus for afternoon snacking – yum!

:: Visited the library to pick up (3) new books!  This week we’re reading Angelina Ballerina, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Wiley and Jasper.

:: Broke out the crayons and washable finger paint!  With thank you’s to write and upcoming birthdays and impending births to celebrate (congratulations to Jennie, Tyler and Baby Henry), our little artist (aka “Phantom of the Fingerpaints”) is happy to jump right in and hone her talents.  And mom is happy to have handmade custom cards at the ready!

:: Slept long and hard after exhausting days of fun and play!

We hope you had a lovely weekend as well!


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