It’s the simple things

I love iced tea, I always have.  But when I moved to Arizona nine years ago, it became a staple in my life.  Yes, I’m the girl at the office with assorted teas and a tea strainer in her top desk drawer.  Sometimes all it takes for me to get through a bad day or unforgiving, endless Arizona summers is knowing I can pop on over to AJ’s Fine Foods and refill my trusty cup with delicious goodness; goodness that comes in the flavor of passion fruit with an orange slice (and is only $.75).  

I have actually formed bonds over iced tea.  Bonds with former colleagues who were either new to the “I Love Tea” club or colleagues who had been on the bandwagon since the inception of Starbucks.  I even form silent bonds with the perfect strangers who line up with me at the Boulangerie counter holding their empty and waiting cups.

Call it a comfort; call it an addiction; call it a status symbol.  I call it delicious, cheap and a very simple way to add a little extra ray of sunshine to my days.

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