Let’s Plaaay Ball!

This Father’s Day, we took in a favorite past time…baseball!

If I were to play a word association game with the words “Dad” and “Summer”, I would immediately respond with “Baseball!”  After spending many summers watching my dad play in church leagues, I still have fond memories of cheering on our teams of middle-aged, out-of-shape men who wanted to play “just for the fun of it.”  Sure, there would be some heated arguments over bad calls, attempted slides into home plate that resulted in belly flops and trips to the ER, post-game muscle aches, and the ever-trusty “I’m too old for this” groaning at the end of every season.  But the results were always the same…we had a great time, we usually got our butts kicked, we congregated at a local hamburger joint after every game to reiterate that we’re playing “just for the fun of it”, and it would start all over again the next season. Thanks, Dad, for the memories as they are fond, indeed!


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