Our Outdoor Space

Coming from condo/apartment life, we were thrilled to finally have our own home for many reasons. But, our dreams and visions were primarily focused on the backyard and all the wonderful things that would happen there.  Me out in my own garden; D laughing and running through the sprinkler; dinners on the patio; s’more roasts around the fire; family campouts under the stars.  Ahhh, the vision is vivid, indeed, and we’re getting closer to the reality.

After months and months living with dirt mounds and a constant “work-in-progress” status…the pavers are layed, the border is in, the garden is defined, the side yard is done, the sprinklers are being installed as I write this, and the sod is being delivered in a few days. Outdoor living, here we come!  It may just make this Arizona summer down right bearable.

And may I just add, especially on this Father’s Day weekend, that everything (with the exception of the sprinklers) has been done by my lovely husband.  Yes, he truly is a renaissance man.

Here are some photos of the work in progress:

Defining the boarder

Laying the drain pipes

Border is in

Patio pavers are complete

Side yard is done

Stay tuned for finished photos.  Who knew a backyard could bring so much excitement to the adults in this household?

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