Change into PJs; wash face, feet and hands; have some milk; read a story or two; receive kisses and a “I love you, sweet dreams” wish from mama.  This is our nightly bedtime routine.  Throw in a bath and “Teddy” and D just melts into bed the minute we lay her down.  As we quietly step out of her room, it’s likely we won’t hear a peep from her until morning.

As with any child, however, some routines take a little detour.  The quiet, exiting steps out of her room may just as well be thunderous because the minute we reach the threshold her cries release like a tripped burglar alarm.  Shoot.

The good news is she’s still a natural at embracing sleep; she has just needed a little extra coaxing recently.  Enter the cheek-to-sleep technique.  We recently discovered if we rub her cheek(s), she will go from wide-eyed to dopey-eyed to closed-eyed within seconds. Literally. I’d like to think the months of rubbing her face and humming to her at night have paid off, but this instant off switch in her is still astounding, yet comical to us.

Here’s to rolling with the punches and coming out victorious…so far!


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