One Year Old

Birthday Girl

On this day last year, we had a room freshly painted and furnished, little doll-like clothes hanging on doll-like hangers in the closet, motherhood books stacked on my nightstand, a suitcase packed waiting by the front door, and a sense of eagerness welling up inside us.

My due date had long come and gone, but we knew the day had finally arrived.  We woke up, got ready and waited (not so) patiently by the phone for the hospital’s call.  When the call finally came, we were on our way – making our last trek in the car as a family of two (technically three with our beloved dog).

With all the dreaming of what she would look like, nothing could prepare us for her beauty.  And, as she continues to grow and learn and become her own person, I am in a constant state of amazement.  Her smiles, giggles, babbles, perceptiveness, happiness, wit, smarts, red hair, blue eyes and, yes, even the screeches, make me well up with pride and complete, unconditional love.

Happy first birthday to our little girl!

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  1. Wow, can’t believe a full year has flown by already. Happy birthday to little D!

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