Oh goodness…

I’ve been absent for quite some time, haven’t I?  Well, I will tell you, first off, that we’re all doing splendid – just a tad bit busy with work, home projects, family visits and, of course, a growing and very busy little girl.

In quick summary…We have made some big progress on our backyard (more details to come), I said goodbye to my trusty 12-year-old Civic (oh how I already miss having no car payments), we visited family in CA and took D for her first visit to Disneyland, my mom came to visit for a week to have a little grandma time, and D just keeps growing and growing.

Our little girl had a rough March with colds, an eye infection and a double ear infection.  And although we weren’t sure when the end would come, it, indeed, arrived and she is back to her normal, happy self.  She keeps busy exploring the house and all its wonders.  She’s constantly on the move through her own technique we like to call the “sit ‘n’ spin”.  She has also developed a fascination for doors and marvels at how they open and close.  The one set of doors we didn’t (and will not) childproof is her book cabinet in her room.  As you will see in the below video, we couldn’t deprive her of the fun, nor the free access to her books!

She also LOVES to feed herself.  At school, they’ve been preparing her age group to move into the one-year-old room, so she has been exposed to the school menu which consists of various sandwiches, snacks, fruits and veggies she can feed herself.  We still eat pureed foods on occasion, and as you will see in the below video, she’s also learning to spoon-feed herself, which is a fun new stage, although a bit messy.  She still doesn’t have any teeth, but she does great with picking off little pieces she can gum.

I hope all is well in your household as you begin to welcome Spring!


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