Household Items

A rainy and cold day, such as today, calls for a little creativity indoors.  With playtime becoming more active and exploratory, mama turned to the pantry to see what she could find.

Hmm… plastic ziploc bags, food coloring, water and…pasta!

Such easy things that most kitchens have on hand and, yet, such complex developmental tools.  With a little water, she learned weight re-distribution as she held and shifted it in both hands.  She learned colors – one red and one green.  She felt textures with the different pastas – macaroni and spaghetti – and felt them go from hard to soft as the water slowly soaked in.

We also incorporate typical (and safe!) kitchen items in with her everyday toys so she learns about different tools and how they work.  Right now they are mostly used for banging together, but what fun sounds they do make!

What are some household items your kids enjoy playing with?


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