A Project Finished

When we started thinking about the decor for the nursery, one of the ideas I had was to hand-paint letters of D’s name and hang them on the wall. Yes, I realize this idea is not a novel one, but I liked it anyway. Well, for various reasons, the project slowly changed course a few times. Here’s a little trip down progression lane…

:: Hand-painted letters become one letter… ‘D’
:: Letter goes from wood to thick cardboard
:: Letter to be covered in bunting and fabric
:: Fabric idea scrapped due to difficult corners of letter; I go in search of an easier, yet just-as-cute idea
:: I come across a blog post over at Vintage Chica where she wraps an old wreath shell in yarn; the ideas start flowing
:: I come across another blog with yarn wrapped letters and, low and behold, I’ve found my way
:: I pick out a nice, thick wool yarn and start wrapping my heart out
:: Add some embellishments; hang with a cream ribbon and, voila, ‘D’ now has her mark

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and thankful for the crafty people who inspired me.



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2 responses to “A Project Finished

  1. Teresa

    I LOVE this idea – sounds like even something I could do. If I end up making a letter for Peanut’s room, will let you know.

    • Traci

      Hi Teresa,

      It was very easy, though a bit tedious because the letter we chose is so big. However, it is really cute and worth the time if you have it.

      I look forward to seeing photos of “Peanut’s” room in the near future. 🙂

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