Simple Happiness: Day Four

Sometimes happiness doesn’t come from something tangible, but rather a simple gesture.  Today, for example, I accompanied my husband to the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction.  He’s been wanting to go for years and was finally able to score free tickets from a co-worker.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I would be out of my element at an event like this.  However, I bucked up and went along, and in the course of wandering through aisles and aisles of classic cars, I found the whole process a bit intriguing.

I even found this 1961 beauty which stands tall among the classy.

See, so it is possible to see the silver lining.  I didn’t go to the show because I wanted to spend one of my two free days among cars and “Klassy” people; I went because my husband asked me to and I was happy to make him happy.

Besides, who doesn’t find it fascinating that someone just bought this 2009 Custom Corvette for $135,000? 


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