Simple Happiness: Day Three

Reading…ah, reading…

The thought of it, the act of it – LOVE. Ok, so I don’t have much time to get through a novel at the moment, but my magazine subscriptions do the trick in the meantime; making a perfect before-bed light read. As I mentioned previously, I love my Real Simple for the stories, recipes, tips and tricks. I also started some new ones this year – Parenting, Working Mother and Food Network. So far I get what I need from Parenting and Food Network, but I’m still getting my feet wet with Working Mother; just not sure the content is there for me, but I’ll keep giving it a try.

And the reading doesn’t stop there, oh no. For an 8-month-old, she is rich with books as mommy (and grandmas!) love to spend time in the bookstores. We read every day; some hold her attention more than others, but we keep the reading train movin’. The picture shows some of our top favorites right now (well, mine at least). Of these, she usually holds still, follows and points when I read Goodnight Moon, Pajama Time, Is Your Mama a Llama?, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and Where’s the Baby’s Bellybutton (it’s interactive!). We’re well on our way.

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