Simple Happiness: Day One

It seems like it’s human nature to put a lot of time and energy into finding the perfect happiness because, who doesn’t want to be happy, let alone perfectly happy?

January’s issue of Real Simple focuses on the art of happiness and how everyone has their own unique way of finding their happiness button.  For me, I find it in the small every day moments.  So, as someone who gets giddy just having an under-40 minute commute (ahem), I would like to dedicate a week to Simple Happiness.

I hope you will join me!


An afternoon at the park

We have a park about a mile away from our house, so I put on my running shoes, strapped the babe into the stroller, leashed up the dog and away we went.  The weather was absolutely perfect – sunshine, blue skies and 74 degrees.  We played on the swings, laughed with joy at all the kids, sized up other dogs who dared to tread on our turf, chatted with neighbor moms, and just enjoyed being outside.

I smiled all the way home.


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