2010: In Reflection

To sum up 2010 in one word, it would be Change.

The Williams in Denver

Most importantly, our beautiful daughter joined our world half way through and changed our lives forever…in a good way, of course!  Both Tyson and I changed jobs – willfully and unexpectedly, but for the better all around.  We said goodbye to our furry friend, Bean, who has found a wonderful home with Grandpa and Grandma up in Washington (I could have never given her to anyone else). We had a number of visitors and have made visits to family throughout the year – one of the added-values of having a granddaughter/niece/cousin.

As we start off 2011, there are many things to look forward to.  Some of the highlights – my resolution list, if you will – that I will feature more thoroughly as they are accomplished are:
1. Trips – both planned and unplanned!
2. Delaney’s milestones as she approaches her first birthday mid-year (she now says “Mama”).
3. A new backyard in which to spend plenty of family time.
4. A new car for me – although a piece of my heart will go with my trusty 11-year-old Civic, Fiona.
5. New projects to be made with all the great sewing/knitting tools from Mom & Dad!
6. More visits to and by our families.
7. And all the other things that will come up along the way that put smiles on our faces.

Wishing you a year of peace and happiness!


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