Welcome Weekend

My eyes flash open; I’m lying in bed. The windows are still dark; no sign yet of the coming sunrise. What time is it? 6:00am. The house is quiet. Husband is lying peacefully beside me; his heavy breathing the only sign of life. The dog is curled up tight in his self-woven ball at the foot of our bed; one eye opens as he hears my subtle movement. The baby monitor is still; no sound to trigger its activation.

It’s the weekend.

My to-do list starts running through my head like dancing sugar plums. Do I get up now and start a brief, uninterrupted hour of productivity or do I stay in the warm, flannel folds that lovingly envelope me? Ah, the ever-trusty Saturday morning dilemma. As a wife and mother to late sleepers, the decision is mine, and mine alone.
The itch begins; that itch that slowly works its way through my new mother body. The itch that only gets more intense until I finally get up to check on my sleeping babe. The decision has been made. I give a light toss to the flannel folds and jump down to my feet. Little prickles briefly play with my toes until the blood flows down and washes them away. I work my way down the hall; each step solidifying my decision. As I enter the nursery, only the slight hum of the air purifier welcomes me. I make my way to the crib and peer down. She’s on her stomach; her buns reaching for the heavens. She’s peaceful, like her daddy. All is well.

I smile. It’s time to start the day.

Wishing you a wonderful start to your weekend!


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