Dearest Autumn

Autumn Ride

A friend over at No Apathy Allowed has a beautiful post about something that provides me inspiration every year – autumn.  There is something about this time of year, like no other, that really sets me in motion.  I’ve lived in a place with four distinct seasons and a place with two, and no matter where I find myself, autumn always holds a little piece of my heart.  The traditions and customs that occur during this time of year are always special, and just as the light starts to drop lower in the sky and the evening air turns crisp and fresh, I become giddy with anticipation at the coming season (Note: In Arizona, we’re just getting started).

I’m particularly excited for:
-Warm, soft sweaters, hats and gloves
-Cold evenings and flannel sheets
-Opening up the house
-Pumpkin pie and sticky buns
-Family visits
-My daughter’s first autumn and Thanksgiving
-Enjoying the great outdoors again
-A blanket, hot tea and a great book
-Crockpot stew, soup and chili
-Holiday preparations

This photo perfectly captures that warm, enveloping hug that only autumn can provide so beautifully.  Wishing you an inspirational autumn wherever you are!



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2 responses to “Dearest Autumn

  1. Mmm, pumpkin pie! I’ve signed myself up to bake two pies from scratch again this year. I love that no matter where you are in the world, there’s always someone to celebrate Thanksgiving with. 🙂

  2. GrandmaC

    Your house looks festive and the fall pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!

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