Social Etiquette, I think not…

Having a baby really puts social etiquette into perspective…well, at least it makes me question the conventional requirements for social behavior.  For example, why is burping in public so offensive in the United States, but seen as an acceptable display of contentment in China?  Or, why do most American women shave from head to toe, but women in other westernized countries rival men in that regard?  Rules – there are so many, it’s astonishing what little boxes we live in if you come to think of it.

Well, imagine that you’re 3 months old and you have people literally beating burps out of you and then by the time you’re 5, you’re being told to cover your mouth or try to suppress it.  How confusing for such a little mind.  Of course, most of us will learn and abide by these rules in hopes of never having to face ridicule and isolation…and body odor.  For that reason, I guess it’s good that we all have a little window of opportunity to let loose and still be acceptable, all while having little to no memory of:

a.  Parents applauding when you pass gas, either way… the louder, the better.
b.  Peeing/pooping in your pants…you can only hope this applies on the back-end of life as well.
c.  Toothless smiles…see comment in b.
d.  Excessive drooling/spit-up.
e.  Vomiting…and being sober.
f.   Yanking someone’s hair/slapping someone’s face…and not being a cast member of a reality show.
g.  Slapping and scratching your own face.

I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through my daughter now (ha!).


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