Happy 3-month birthiversary!

A lot is happening around here, including the development and advancement of our little girl.  We’re constantly amazed at how much she learns and grows every day – yes, every day.  You know that saying, “You learn something new every day”?, a college friend once rhetorically asked “Do you know how stupid you would be if you just learned ONE thing every day?”  That question has since stayed with me and rings loud and clear now that I can see the world through a 3-month old’s eyes.

Needless to say, we think she’s just amazing.  If you remember back at my 2-month post, she was learning and taking on new skills with a vengeance.  She still possesses most of those skills with the exception of rolling from her front to back; she seems to have lost that data in her long-term memory storage (good thing I have video proof).  However, she can now flip from her back to her front like a fish trying to return to its air supply.  Of course, her new-found mobility now requires her to be in anything with rails or buckles, unless she’s on the floor or in our arms (try prying her out of our kung-fu grips).  Here are a few new milestones she has conquered:

1.  Hands and feet are fascinating – oh, and they’re mine!!
2.  I can get my entire fist in my mouth – I didn’t realize this was a milestone, but it is and I’m sure it will come in “handy” at parties when I’m a teenager.
3.  I laugh at (not with) my mom and dad (see documented proof above).
4.  I love to take punches at those crazy looking animals hanging above my head.
5   I need my 8-hour beauty sleep at night, which always comes easily after a nice bath and full meal.
6.  I know my mom and dad as soon as they walk into a room because they always make me smile.
7.  I love Skyping with my grandparents – I can stare at moving objects for…minutes.
8.  I’m starting to understand the fascination with reading; I love all the pictures and funny voices my mom uses.

We can’t wait to see what happens next!


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