Happy 2-months

Our little girl is already 2-months old and she’s growing by leaps and bounds – both in size and development.  Here are a few things we can find Delaney doing on any single day now:

1.  Smiling – lots
2.  Cooing/Singing/Sighing/Laughing – also lots
3.  Holding her head up both on her tummy and while sitting up
4.  Sitting up with some under-arm support – she LOVES her boppy pillow
5.  Tracking objects and people about 8-10 feet away
6.  Kicking and flapping her arms – sometimes I think she’s going to take flight
7.  Looking at herself in the mirror – she makes herself smile every time
8.  Eating/pooping/peeing/burping/drooling/farting/hiccuping – you know, the basics
9.  …And, today’s biggest accomplishment was rolling over from her tummy to her back – no assistance, just a little coaxing from Freddie the Firefly (see video)



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2 responses to “Happy 2-months

  1. Wow! She is growing so quickly. =) What a big girl to roll over by herself at two months.

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