Thank you, Gigi

With this being our first child, I wasn’t sure about having visitors in the very beginning.  I thought it would be best to try and heal and get into a routine before the mayhem that comes with guests begins.  However, I couldn’t have been happier to have the company in my mother-in-law during our first week home with D.  She spent most of the time in the kitchen whipping up lasagna, sour cream noodle bake, cookies, brownies and meals for each day she was here (lunch and dinner!).

I’ve found that my need to clean hasn’t departed since becoming a mother – it actually may be enhanced now – but cooking does get put on the back burner whenever there’s a disruption to the routine.  So, I cannot express how appreciative all three of us are for Gigi’s help last week.  It was also great to go shopping and out to eat with her, and she still has a way to calm a baby down when mama needed a nap or shower.

Thanks again, Gigi!


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