Oh, mom

I am very much looking forward to the impending visits by both our moms this summer.  Yes, it takes a great milestone, like a grandchild, to get anyone to visit us during an Arizona summer (and who can blame them), so we know this child is already greatly loved.

I’ve been blessed with two great moms – my own and my mother-in-law.  A few months back, I wrote a post about their handiness and how much I admire the different skills they bring to the table.  Too often, I hear advice or comments about how to rein in the grandparents so when they are with your child, they adopt the same parenting style as your own.  Perhaps this works if your child is with their grandparents on a regular basis.  However, since my child will visit with her grandparents maybe 2-3 times a year, I look forward to and welcome their unique ways of spending time with her.

Both our moms have their own agenda when they come for a visit.  My mother-in-law is coming to help cook, clean and spend time with us and the baby.  My mom will be here a little longer so although she’s coming mostly to spend time with us and the baby, I’ve solicited her help with teaching me how to sew.  The great thing about both visits will be watching them interact with her – reading, singing, talking and playing with her.

She certainly has a lot to look forward to when she joins this world.

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