TV Challenge Recap: The Perfect Week…

…broke out of a routine,
explored interests,
caught up on my reading,
hung out with friends,
enjoyed lively conversations with my husband,
pampered myself,
took naps,
sat out on patios – restaurants, resorts and our own – watching people, reading and sipping delicious (virgin) concoctions
caught up with family on Skype
played with the dogs
finished some last baby to-do’s
and, ultimately, watched zero TV… and didn’t miss one minute of it!

If you participated in Turn-off TV Week, I hope you found your week to be as enjoyable.  Feel free to write a comment and let me know what you did in place of TV.



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2 responses to “TV Challenge Recap: The Perfect Week…

  1. Carole Brannam

    Good job Traci! We were considering going back to basic cable because there is so much junk on cable TV or too inticing stuff we don’t really need to watch. When we contacted our provider, Comcast, we were told we’d have to disconnect all the various boxes we had to install last year due to changes to HDTV. So now we just try to limit watching, with some success but not all….I’m trying at least to get more exercise in the evenings but working all day wears one out. I spending the time I’m not watching TV on the Internet or with jigsaw puzzles instead, so I don’t know if that is much of an improvement. Luckily I’m on the bus for up to an hour and a half each day so I can read or listen to my favorite podcasts then. Plus Steve and I read at the table with meals and for awhile before dishes are done. You will probably give up a lot of TV when the baby comes, along with some of your other pursuits, so it is good you are doing them now.

    Saw your Mom and Dad for Grandpa’s funeral planning and burial and they seem to be doing very well. I was glad to have the support because Jim is not much help. There’s a lot to do now but we’ll get through it.

    Hope to hear about the baby soon. And learn that mysterious name. Say “hi” to Tyson and let him know Jadon (now 10) remembers you both and the wedding very well.

    Love, Aunt Carole

    • Hi Aunt Carole. In my book, playing around on the Internet, doing puzzles and reading are still better than watching *most* TV programming. I also miss riding the bus for the very reasons you mention – I certainly don’t get through books as quickly as I did when I was a public transit commuter.

      I’m glad mom and dad made it out for the burial. It sounds like Uncle Jim is barely hanging in there, but hopefully he will get over the hump with everyone else. I was hoping my child would be able to meet her grandpas one day, but that just wasn’t meant to be I guess – kind of a harsh reality.

      I will certainly keep you posted on the baby as soon as she arrives. My dad is quite funny about the name. He’s the only one who keeps hounding us about it. I hope it won’t be a let down once it’s unveiled. 🙂

      I hope all is well with you. Thanks for following my blog. Love, Traci

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