Day 3 TV Challenge: Spa Night Wednesday

Another great thing about not watching TV in the evenings after work… I have time to pamper myself.  Last night, after I got home, I drew myself a bath with yummy bubbles and a good book.  Being 9.5 weeks pregnant, my weightlessness was heavenly.

While soaking, I had planned to read my current novel of choice, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, but I felt my attention drifted elsewhere…down to my rotund belly.  I guess I couldn’t help but be distracted by the rhythmic dancing that was going on inside.  My stomach was literally changing shape before my very eyes – sometimes it was round, sometimes it was octagon with multiple corners.  The absence of gravity and my relaxed position must have been advantageous for her to practice her yoga skills.

After my fingers and toes turned pruny, I continued my spa night with a little mani/pedi.  Since I could be heading to the hospital at any point now, I never want to tempt fate with unkept toes and fingers.

It was a lovely, relaxed evening.


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  1. Martha

    Wonderful post! Pretty toes are a must. :0 )

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