Day 2 TV Challenge: Tuesday’s Activity

One of the perks of my turn-off TV week is I’m finding a little more time to focus on interests that have been put on the back burner for one reason or another.  Since I don’t typically get home from work before 6pm, it doesn’t leave me a lot of time, but it’s time nonetheless, and I’ll take it.

On day two of my challenge, I pulled out my husband’s fancy Nikon D700 to learn some new things about exposure and lighting.  This professional camera is a beast compared to my personal point and shoot so, needless to say, it was a bit daunting.  The most frustrating part was not being able to get what was in my head to show up in the display (thank goodness for digital and no wasted film).  I’m thinking I should do a challenge week on just photography because I truly enjoy it, I need more practice at it and it’s something my husband and I can do together since he’s a great instructor.

I won’t shame myself by showing the very few photos I did take.  Instead, I will promise to continue practicing and do a little show and tell at a later time.

More tomorrow from day three…

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