TV Challenge Week

This week, in honor of Turn Off TV Week, I’m challenging myself to power off the TV and store the remote for one week, beginning today. 

Now, to be fair, this isn’t really a challenge for me as it is more of a lifestyle choice.  Recently, my husband and I downgraded our cable so all we get are the basic networks and a few public broadcast stations.  In doing this, I discovered the following changes/improvements in my TV watching habits:
1.  I limit the programs I watch to my top three favorites each week. 
2.  I only watch those selected programs, which means I sit down right as the program begins and leave once it’s over. 
3.  I only watch new episodes, no re-runs.

I think most of us know there are many mental and physical benefits of limiting TV viewing, or you can at least Google it if you’re interested, but here are my top picks that I feel have benefitted my life:
1.  My productivity level is much higher.  I get so many more projects done, which in turn decreases my stress level of having many unfinished t0-do’s.
2.  I actively participate in life versus living vicariously through someone else.  Afterall, there are just so many other things I would rather do, like take a walk, talk with my husband, play with my dogs, write and do crafty projects (just to name a few). 
3.  I enjoy a more relaxed and peaceful environment when a network isn’t insulting my intelligence with the next  ridiculous reality series or a company isn’t subjecting me to their loud and overzealous advertising campaigns.

So, my challenge this week is to not only shut off the TV completely, but to replace it with fulfilling things each day, whether it’s just house projects, family time or going out with girlfriends.  Each day this week, I will post what I did with my time, and if you feel like joining me on this quest, I would love to hear from you on how you chose to spend your week without TV. 

Day 1: Monday’s Activities (after work): 
1.  Finished up some house chores from the weekend.
2.  Grilled out for dinner with the fam (yummy pork chops and corn on the cob).
3.  Wrote this blog post.
4.  Updated my baby journal from today’s doctor visit.


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  1. Well, I failed this challenge. Maybe I can do the next one. Can’t wait to see what it is.

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