Things I Love Thursday: Redbox

Inspired by my friend Christy over at Sumners in Scotland, “Things I Love Thursday” is my way of giving a special shout  out to one thing each week that made my life easier, more pleasant or just simply put a smile on my face.

This week: Redbox.  My husband and I aren’t big TV watchers, but we do so love a good movie.  $1 new-release movie  rentals at convenient locations (at least where we live) is ideal for people like us who can wait for most movies to come out  on DVD.  Sure, the movie we want to see is not always available at first, but then again, your neighborhood Blockbuster  usually faces the same issues.

So, here are my top three reasons you should try Redbox if you have them in your neighborhood:
1.  They are located everywhere.  In our neighborhood, there’s a box in every grocery store, CVS and Walgreens – perfectly convenient without requiring an extra stop on your errand runs.
2.  For your added convenience, visit the Redbox website, select the movie you want to see and reserve it at your preferred location so it’s guaranteed to be there when you want it to be.
3.  Plan accordingly and it only costs you $1 ($1/day).  If you’re frugal like us, we won’t rent it unless we know we’re going to watch it that evening.


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  1. We loved Redbox, too! They don’t have anything quite that convenient here. =) Enjoy!

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