Week 34

I had my 8 month doctor appointment yesterday and I’m happy to report that everything is progressing well with little baby Williams.  My blood pressure, the baby’s heartrate and my uterus measurements are all on par with the norm.  She’s even head down, which is a great sign.  Let’s hope she stays that way.  I haven’t gained any weight in the last two weeks, but it appears the baby is taking all my calories because she continues to grow.  What an ideal situation to be in!

Starting this week, I will now see the doctor every week until she’s born.  My next appointment is one final ultrasound and the beta strep test.  She will also begin doing internal exams to see if/how I’m dilating.  The planner in me is looking forward to these more regular updates as I start to finalize maternity leave dates and check off those pesky to-dos.

With less than 6 weeks to go, I’m still amazed at how fast the time has gone.  I’m really trying to pause and enjoy every movement and hiccup (she has them 2-3 times a day) that I feel.  Pregnancy has truly been an amazing experience for me.  Sure, shaving my legs isn’t as easy as it used to be, I can’t go on long hikes/walks/runs or highlight my hair or have wine or lunch meat and my ankles swell by the end of the day, but really, who cares when you have a little person moving around inside of you.

I get a little teary-eyed when I think about how well this baby has treated me over the past 8 months.  I can only hope that labor and delivery will go as smoothly.  I will be interested to learn just how much pain tolerance I really have.

The attached photo was taken by Tyson at 32 weeks.

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